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We make clean emotional design

Uygar Kılıc creatıve works


UKCW is a design agency in Istanbul, Çanakkale and Vietnam sepecializing branding and advertising. We started in Hanoi in 2011 with one of the most talented people of Vietnam.

We work with clients starting from the initial brand strategy phase to the design, art direction, UI/UX and final production of a project. We believe in creating beautiful, emotion-driven work that functions for our client’s goals and resonates with their audiences.

We believe that products should make people's life better with useful and simple UI/UX and Branding.

We know that the user is in the center of every business. That's why we integrated human-centered design into the heart of our services.


• Eternal Passion
• Crazy High Standarts
• Zero Bullshit
• Being Human
• Taking Work Seriously
• Not Taking Ourselves Too Seriously
• We Worship Fantastic Ideas
• Real Emotions
• We Don't Have Bureaucracy Here.
• Talk With Clients Like You Talk Your Friends.
• People Are Humans Not Target Groups.
• Having Enemies İs Awesome. It Proves That You Stood For Something.


Yes! We love parties. Connecting in the creative industry with our own personal stories and mistakes, failures and successes. Let's party then.

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Having enemies is awesome!


Founder, Creative Director

We create brands with style.

Building digital design products with love and attention to details.


Istanbul, TURKIYE
Canakkale, TURKIYE
Ho Chi Minh, VIETNAM


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