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About Me

Uygar KILIÇ is a multi-disciplinary maker of useful, curious and beautiful things. Born in Ancient City of Troy, he now happily lives in Istanbul.

Zero Bullshit - Crazy High Standards - Endless Passion Taking Risks - Being Human - Creating Brands With Stories Taking Work Seriously -Not Taking Ourselves Too Seriously Uygar helps create transformative brands that move businesses, people and the world forward.

Uygar helps create transformative brands that move businesses, people and the world forward.

Uygar is very passionate designer. His creativity has no boundaries and what really stands out in him is that he is full of life and enthusiasm. I see that he has what it takes to reach the box of treasure at the end of the rainbow. I know he will reach his pinnacle of his set goals in his pursuit of excellence.
Dr. Alex QUAH
Uygar is a talented designer and teacher. His creativity in advertising and animation has always impressed me. He is highly adaptable and enjoyed working with international partners.
Eizen Chee (徐孝澤)
My pleasure to have Uygar as my colleague for a few years at Raffles Design College in Hanoi, Vietnam. He is funny and creative, very good at designing and animation - which inspired some of his students to follow an animation career! He is open-minded and easy to work with and I recommend him for any job that involves advertising, animation, design practice or design teaching.
Dr. Lena BucatariuDr. Lena Bucatariu
Marketing Manager
Uygar Kilic is an ambitious and very talented colleague. I always admired his creative, advertising, animation, teaching, design experience and his ability to get along with others. He makes a great asset to any organization as he is driven, caring and very professional.
Nicole Baudisch
Marketing Manager
Uygar is highly committed in his work and he display his creativity in his skills sets ,particularly in digital media and mobile apps . He always think out of box especially when he venture into Hanoi , Vietnam. We are amazed by his talent and also interpersonal communication skills set. I personally would recommend him to any organization that appreciate his vast experienced and skill sets .
Jeremy Hooi
Creative Director
Uygar is a good starter and takes initiative in his course of work. He helms the creative department of the institution that I managed and was responsible for delivering quality tuition to students. He is a good team-mate, colleague and friend.
颜崇迅 Kelvin Gan