Corporate Identity

Long Van NTV was established in 1992 as a high-quality aluminum manufacturer in Viet Nam. They provide a wide range of products with Japan technology and supply to all local and global partners. Due to the fast-paced growth, they have developed to become Long Van Group.

Forming a strong and clear brand identity with a strategy to reposition and restructure the group, Long Van aims to be well recognized in the market with the new brand personality. The logomark is inspired from the aluminum – their main manufacturing field and the dragon – Long Van mascot. The dragon is a legendary creature with intelligence and representing the top leaders, the universe, prosperity and non-stop business growth in Eastern beliefs.
The new logomark is distinctive, simple and flexible in use. Meanwhile, wordmark follows the Eastern Philosophy “Hard and Soft”. “Hard” symbolizes tough, upright and reliable characteristic while “Soft” stands for the lightness, flexibility and clear vision in business. Brand color palette maintains a strong contrast, giving an attractive yet simple impression. Harmony and trust are delivered well with the Blue color. Besides, Red is passionate and steady.

To strengthen the visual identity, we keep the stationary, marketing collateral and website consistent and strong in visual language and design. The frame joints of Aluminum, Long Van main products are stylized to become the border defining the typesetting and maximizing the grid use. The modern typography style paired with the blend effect implies the fast development of the brand and how they build up the future world.


  • Creative Director