With the development of the country, many young people are coming to the cities with the hope of improving the life quality. Some of them settled down. They left behind their parents, the generation grew up in the period of non-technical society but plenty of memorable matters. To remind their children about the homeland, sometimes they would like to send their children memorable stuff. The ways seem to be too far with obstacles.
So we make this, to help the non-technical generation get in touch in an old way with their children.​​​​​​​

Logo concept
We tried many concepts. Finally, we figured out the core values of the business are the opportunity, the connection and the speed. The clover leaf represents for opportunity with the hope of good luck.
The connection and the speed are combined to shape the high way intersection. So, the clover-shape-intersection is the best combination. It looks like the letter H and easy to put into the typo.

How it works
To make the app easy to use, we designed the workflow to be less steps as possible. First of all, just open the app and take a photo of the stuffs. Then fill in the detail and submit it, and we will do the rest


  • Creative Director