Uygar KILIÇ is a Turkish multi-disciplinary maker of useful, curious and beautiful things. Born in Ancient City of Troy, he now happily lives in Vietnam Istanbul.

Uygar’s journey is a little different than most. He started his career while he was a student in Faculty of Fine Arts at 20 with grand plans of becoming an VFX Artist. After realizing he, quite frankly, better at design, Uygar began working as a freelance designer and illustrator in England and Turkey until he moves to Vietnam where he will work global brands (also worked in Singapore, South Korea and Thailand).

Fast forward a few years and through a whole lot of ass-busting, Uygar is now a Designer & Creative Director, speaker, mentor and maker.


He had the privilege to teach in asia pacific’s most awarded international college.

Central to Uygar’s design process is the notion that effective composition is based on evoking meaningful, measurable emotion within a target audience. It is this philosophy that has earned Uygar recognition. He defines the artistic vision and business strategy for his clients’ growth and provides thought leadership that translates into the concepts that drive successful projects.